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About the PC²LN Convening Team

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December 19, 2011


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About the PC²LN Convening Team

General Role Description
The Convening Team is a group of leaders, drawn together with or by the Catalyst, the John Knoxer, who carried a vision to them for the creation of a PC2LN in their community.

The Convening Team consists of a group of three-to-five Christian leaders who have concern for prayer in their community. Together, they have the credibility and relational collateral to convene one or more envisioning sessions.

This Convening Team may be prayer leaders, pastors or other. They should represent some level of diversity. Ideally, they are ethnically diverse and from different streams of the Christian community. The prayer effort you want to mobilize should be broad enough for all Bible reading believers in the community and the churches they attend. It should embrace a variety of prayer styles and expressions, prayer focus areas and interests.

“What we are attempting to do individually, we can do more effectively together. Prayer and unity are partners. Some things may separate us as believers, but we can pray together! God promises a blessing when his people prayer together (Psalm 133). Jesus wanted us to be one – it was the centerpiece of his last prayer (John 17). We have numerous prayer efforts already going in our community. How can we link these? How can we support one another in a unified prayer effort?”

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