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December 15, 2011


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Goals:The seven goals of a PC2LN are as follows –

1. To encourage prayer among community prayer leaders, pastors and congregations, as well as other spiritual leaders in the     community, and to support prayer ministries in local congregations.

2. To coordinate a collaborative year-round prayer process, aimed at engaging the congregations and believers of the city in unified prayer, and to do so in conjunction with national prayer initiatives as well as creative state and local efforts.

3. To ensure that the cities and towns in the county are prayed-for communities, including city leaders.

4. To press prayer into every vocational sector of the community – education, health-care, social services, media, arts-entertainment, finance sector, transportation, judicial, city/county government, etc.

5. To encourage prayer among families, men, women, youth, seniors, children – every social-cultural category, a proliferation of community prayer groups.

6. To identify intercessors across the community who can be mobilized for multi-denominational prayer efforts, aimed at a Great Awakening.

7. To consider strategies to make sure every home in the community, every family, is a prayed-for family.

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