Thursday, Jun. 4, 2020

Mission Statement

Purpose, Mission and Values Statements

Purpose: Utilizing the resources of national prayer ministry efforts, the local PC2LN   will form to create a seamless prayer process owned and directed by the prayer leaders in every community in North America in consultation with pastors.

Mission: The mission of the PC2LN is to synergize and facilitate prayer efforts in collaboration with national/state/regional prayer organizations in the nation by working with local congregations, intercessors and believers in every community in North America to improve the spiritual and moral condition of the churches and the communities through a unified, strategic prayer network that unwraps a seamless prayer process aimed at edifying the saints and evangelizing the cities.

Vision: Imagine a prayed-for city, with systematic prayer walks, strategic and missional prayer mapping, with tactical prayer deployment. Imagine city/county leaders prayed for. Imagine every school adopted for prayer. Imagine stronger churches praying for smaller churches, suburban and inner city churches partnered in prayer. Imagine identified, trained and teamed, directed and debriefed intercessors. Imagine prayer that focused not only on pain, but also on promise. Imagine a community that systematically identified praying Christians in every neighborhood. Imagine prayer efforts that were supported by all the churches and pastors, instead of a hit-and-miss hodge-podge of poorly led and supported prayer efforts. Imagine seamless, year-round, 24-7 prayer processes and a strategy to mobilize prayer in and for the whole community.

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