Friday, Jun. 5, 2020


Moderator’s General Role: To provide leadership for the PC2LN initiative in the local community. To recruit and encourage, and to mobilize prayer. To raise awareness of the deep spiritual need of the Church and our nation. To seek God’s forgiveness and outpouring of His Spirit in sweeping revival in the Church.  To seek God’s intervention in our nation to reverse our worsening moral decline and convert the lost.  To unite believers in our communities in intense and intentional prayer toward those ends. To lay a foundation for continued local efforts toward united prayer and evangelism.


  • A person who is commended by a life of prayer and Christian character, a born again disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • A representative of a national prayer organization or a duly appointed prayer leader of a local congregation or para-church ministry.
  • Commended by a pastor or Christian leader, chosen by peers in a constituting meeting.
  • Agrees with the Lausanne theological declaration – evangelical in theology and missional in nature.
  • Capable of collaborating with all the various prayer efforts in the area in a non-partisan manner, and across denominational, ethnic and para-church lines to create a broad collaborative effort.
  • “Agenda-free” in terms of motive – except for the noble goal of a “Great Awakening!” in the nation.

Specific Duties:

  • To convene a PC2LN composed of community prayer leaders.
  • To embrace and carry the vision of the PC2LN – to articulate it, grow it, engage it, and see its fulfillment. To envision a prayed-for city. And systematically plan to see that vision fulfilled.
  • To provide prayerful servant leadership to the entire PC2LN, including the Leadership Team, Cabinet, ad hoc and standing committees, the strategic vision and planning team. To creatively expand the prayer process, by multiplying competent and mature community prayer leaders and networking them. To identify supporting and collaborating prayer leaders in community congregations that will trumpet the call to prayer and consecration.
  • To promote unified prayer efforts aimed at a Great Awakening. Nurture the idea of on-going prayer and unity efforts in the community.
  • To be a friend to pastors and community leaders – a prayer partner with community intercessors and people of prayer. To locate and create resources for prayer to be used by pastors and Christian leaders, laity and para-church organizations in calling the Christian community to repentance and consecration as an example to the community, to fresh vision and vitality focused on Great Awakening.
  • To be Spirit-led, guided by Scripture and informed by underlying research regarding the history, present trends and plans in the community, its purpose and promise, its problems and possibilities – to discern with leaders the spiritual destiny on the city.
  • To support existing prayer efforts by para-church, denominational and congregational groups, national prayer movements and local efforts.
  • To engage spiritual mappers and interface intercessors who are systematically informed with helpful data to direct their praying as watchers on the wall of the city, and then debriefed.
  • To envision the professional and vocational tribes of the city as an important focus for week-day prayer. To work to create a culture of prayer in the city.
  • To refuse to cocoon –to keep the local prayer effort connected to the region, the state,  and the nation.
  • To keep the national facilitator in information loops, emails, etc. To import and export prayer ideas. Confirm contact data on the web data-base. Provide a listing of team members and their contact data. File a report on the success of your efforts with the appropriate national ministry. Provide the Prayer Council National Office with stories of renewal, unity and breakthrough.
  • To develop a budget for the local prayer effort.

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