Friday, Apr. 3, 2020

National Launch Strategy

STAGE ONE (Months 1-4)
Embracing the vision of the PC2LN 
Develop the basic concept, and get it on paper.
Cast vision to national prayer organizations and get a buy-in.
Make modifications. Let the vision grow and expand. Build trust.
Create a national advisory committee to steward the process.
Develop vision-casting materials.

STAGE TWO (Months 3-6)
Creating the Resources to Launch the Process
Find funding for vision-casting, support processes, etc.
Create web-presence.
Create basic promotional materials (mock-ups).
Build synergies for vision-casting, pilot projects.
Beta-testing (Find Several Diverse Venues for a Test Models).
Readjust Models based on field-testing.

STAGE THREE (Months 6-12)
Launch Pilot Projects
Identify trainers.
Identify 50 pilot city/counties for the project.
Partner pilot project counties with National Organizations who might be invested in some area, leader, etc.
Start the process of constituting the PC2LNs.
Monitor their progress.
Detail their challenges.
Work on solutions.
Recalibrate the model.

STAGE FOUR (Months 10 – 30)
Launch a Nation-wide PC2LN Effort
Trainers are now training trainers.
Manual is completed for PC2LN.
Support materials (a kit, has been created).
State Ambassadors are recruited.
Regional Ambassadors are recruited.
Configurations of multi-county areas (metropolitan) are considered.

STAGE FIVE (Months 24-36)
Recalibrate the PC2LN National Leadership Team
Leadership moves from strategic envisioning and launch modes, to sustaining growth.
A National Prayer Council meeting is considered.
Ways and means to support the infrastructure are in place.
The connection to the National Prayer Committee, along with constituting national prayer organizations is complete and healthy.