Friday, Apr. 3, 2020

PC²LN Collaborating Pastors & Ministry Leaders Guidelines

To create a collaborative effort, across the scope of the city/town/area/county, for unified prayer, revival and renewal for America. To support the prayer effort through ministry and congregational involvement in prayer and awakening, with a focus on prayer in the community, local church and multi-congregational events with participation in community prayer efforts.

The PC2LN initiative is a grass roots effort. National prayer organizations provide resources, but each community creates its own prayer and action strategy.

Church/Ministry Participation Goals:
1. Participate, as possible, in all the community prayer initiatives.

2. Conduct community leaders and pastoral prayer gatherings – day-long “prayer summits”. Do focused prayer gatherings – business leaders, the medical community, teachers and educators, banks and finance sector leaders with workers, family/social services, police and fire, the Judicial sector with attorneys, etc. Focus on personal, then community transformation.

3. Call men to pray – across the entire region. Then women, youth, even children. Hold prayer convocations.

4. Sponsor ‘days of awakening!’ – concentrated seasons of seeking and prayer-action focused on the community.

5. Participate in the nation-wide simultaneous prayer effort, Seek God for the City, in the season of Lent. Appoint an organizer. Look for prayer-walking guides on-line. These wonderful reprintable guides have been prepared by Steve Hawthorne, noted for his expertise in this area, and President of Waymakers. Look for similar concentrated prayer efforts. Pray for the 10/40 window. Join the 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world. Retreats work best for these gatherings. Nothing less than a day is genuinely effective.

6. Join Ezra’s and Nehemiah’s in the region for prayer, pastors and marketplace (work-based prayer leaders) – through prayer gatherings, extensive prayer-walking efforts, prayer unity rallies, small-group (prayer cell) connections and the like.

7. Consider an annual Solemn/Sacred Assembly for your city.

8. Develop a strategy for a prayer meeting in every neighborhood in your community, between every couple at specific points during the year.

9. Encourage work-place gatherings of small prayer cells that aim at inviting the presence of God, in an intentional way, into every conceivable workplace environment in the city – the church scattered being the church!

10. Make your community a “prayed for” community, where an intentional process of prayer (the Great Commitment) is set in place – and out of that a focus on God’s caring love (the Great Commandment), and then sharing the good news (the Great Commission).

1. Each county is part of a national grass-roots network that works in collaboration with the vision of the National Prayer Committee.

2. Each Moderator is to function in the context of a team – to resource pastors and Christian leaders, laity and para-church organizations, calling the Christian community to repentance and renewal as an example to the county and its cities, to fresh vision and vitality focused on Great Awakening.

3. Work to identify supporting and collaborating congregations in the county that will call their constituents to prayer and renewal.

4. Work with various denominations, pastors and para-church leaders, to assure broad interdenominational support of the renewal efforts.

5. Develop a plan for comprehensive prayer walking – that blankets the community. [Imagine thousands of simultaneous prayer walks across the nation on 9-11!]

6. Develop a plan for marketplace-based prayer cell groups embedded throughout the community, praying quietly and passionately, at or near their workplaces during the week of awakening. Target time: Noon, daily.

7. Nurture the idea of on-going prayer and unity efforts in the community.

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