Thursday, Jun. 4, 2020

Purpose of PC²LN

The purpose is to create a collaborative effort, across the scope of the county/city/township (some definitive incorporated/unincorporated geographic area), for persistent prayer that aims at revival and renewal both in the local area and the nation. To support the local expressions of national prayer efforts laced with creative community prayer initiatives along with congregational involvement with a focus on pervasive prayer in the community, in local churches, and in every sector of the defined area. To provide leadership for community-wide prayer and renewal initiatives. To recruit and encourage. To resource prayer leaders, pastors and para-church leaders. To mobilize prayer in the defined community with a goal of 24-7-365 prayer.
While the PC2LN is a local mirror of the National Prayer Committee, it is primarily a grass roots effort. Various national prayer organizations provide resources, but each community creates its own prayer and action strategy.

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