Friday, Apr. 3, 2020

Simple Message to Community Prayer Leaders and Pastors

“We have created a PC2LN in our city – a place for prayer leaders to connect and support one another in an effort to see prayer events translated into a comprehensive prayer process. Our PC2LN is the local expression of a national grass-roots prayer network whose desire is to see a blanket of prayer covering our entire nation, community-by-community, a collage of like-minded networks throughout the nation. Prayer and unity are partners. Each of our smaller cities and towns have unique needs, but we also desire to see one united movement of prayer across our community/county/region and the entire nation.  Prayer has been the catalyst for every nation-impacting Great Awakening in our history! God promises a blessing when his people prayer together (Psalm 133). The centerpiece of the last prayer of Jesus was our unity (John 17).”

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