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Tactical Plan

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December 4, 2011


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Tactical Plan

Tactical Steps

  • Immediately begin with a handful of pilot cities – even as we develop materials. Find the networks that are already moving in this direction – learn from them. If you believe your city is prime to be a pilot city, call us or email us today.


  • Identify and convene potential regional ‘advocates.’ These would be multi-state vision-casters, perhaps 12-15 scattered throughout the USA. Allow their territories (bounded areas) to be geographically determined, but also utilize their relational networks, creating a collaborative teaming approach to coaching. Eventually, we would identify an advocate in each state.
  • Distill what we learn from pilot cities, and focus on ten specific cities, which, if we could successfully plant a concentric design of prayer councils, we could touch 23% of the US Population

The ten cities are New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Phoenix, Los Angeles & San Diego.

If you are living in the metro-area of one of these mega-cities, and have an interest in helping us launch a prayer council in your city, contact us: 704-996-5091 or


  1. Identify potential catalyst and conveners in each city!
  2. Support their efforts to envision other prayer leaders and issue a call for a community-wide envisioning meeting of selected leaders.
  3. Have basic tools in place to support their efforts.
  4. Plan subsequent vision-casting events open to all pastors and spiritual leaders in the city or county.
  5. Conduct a Constituting Prayer Council meeting in which the PC2LN is officially formed, leaders selected, basic goals affirmed. Vision is now translated to strategy. Some tactical next steps are laid out.
  6. The entire Prayer Council empowers the PC2LN in prayer.
  7. The PC2LN has their first monthly strategic planning meeting.
  8. The PC2LN plans the next Community Prayer Council meeting.
  9. Empower Metro-Ambassadors. The charge of the initial (first) team is to assist the birth of other teams in the metropolitan area, creating a collage of interconnected, yet autonomous (able to function alone) peer teams. Each PC2LN would act in behalf of their immediate community. On some matters, they might act together, linking their influence to collaborate over an entire metropolitan region.
  10. The national facilitator also works to connect Ambassadors and newly formed PC2LN and their leadership teams to connect with other teams by internet, conference calls and more. To encourage mutual dialogue

Beyond these ten cities are twenty others. Reaching them (30 altogether) touches 43% of the population. Those cities are Washington-Baltimore, Greater Boston, Greater Detroit, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Denver, St. Louis, San Juan, Pittsburg, Sacramento, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Orlando, Indianapolis, Columbus, Las Vegas, and Milwaukee.

Follow a similar tactic in each of these cities.

 Once initial structures are in place and relationships are forming, using the first few months of 2012 to cast vision for the six-months of concentrated prayer! Go back to the cities, with teams of 2-3 nationally known prayer leaders for a few days of intense training, teaching, envisioning.

Official Powerpoint

View the Tactical Plan Powerpoint here!

or download it:

Download Powerpoint (PPTX File)

Download Powerpoint (PPT File)

Download Powerpoint as PDF (PDF File)

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