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The Constituting Council

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December 13, 2011


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The Constituting Council

The vision-casting sessions lead to the constituting meeting. At this point, all relevant prayer leaders and ministries should have been envisioned.

A date is set for the Constituting Council. This organizational meeting should be about vision. It may take place over the course of a full day. It should creatively tell the story of what is already happening in the community in terms of prayer efforts and perhaps across the nation. In this case, it is a discovery fair, an educational experience designed to show the unseen but valiant prayer efforts by individuals, organizations and congregations already happening in quiet disconnected ways. The day might be sprinkled with video segments, visuals, and stories. All these variant pieces constitute the patch-work, which knitted together, has the potential to blanket the city in prayer.

This meeting will launch the actual process forward, including the commissioning of a leadership team, basic goals, some simple structural model that has the flexibility for expansion. Using support materials, available on-line, the envisioning and constituting meetings move the process of community prayer and unity forward.

It must be remembered that the members of the PC2LN are in their positions due to appointment by national prayer organizations, local congregations and church agencies, or para-church entities. In some rare communities, there may be no formal national prayer effort – no National Day of Prayer representative, no Moms-in-Touch group, no SYTP effort, etc. In such a case, the PC2LN will become very strategic in starting those efforts. Where such representatives do exist, every effort should be employed to get them to the table.

The group may need several sessions beyond this initial council gathering in order to approve a working organizational document. Samples are provided, both simple and complex. Some groups may choose to work informally, at least for a season, without a formal organizational constitution or set of by-laws. In some cases, a small team may be appointed to bring back originating articles.

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