Thursday, Jun. 4, 2020

The Constituting Meeting

The PC2LN consist of local representatives of national prayer organizations, denominational and local prayer organizations, para-church prayer leaders and intercessors, with the prayer leaders of local congregations. Duly appointed and recognized prayer leaders living in the community are invited to participate in the network. Prior to the constituting meeting, every effort should be made to engage and assure the participation of all these leaders.
In this constituting meeting, it is recommended that the PC2LN choose from among themselves a leadership team of 3-5 members in small communities, and as large as 8-12 in metropolitan zones.

This team should be identified early in the constituting process of the PC2LN. All prayer leaders of national organizations and local congregations, by their role and function, are members of the community-wide PC2LN, but a strategic team is necessary to meet more often and provide definitive leadership for the whole.

The PC2LN acting together ‘lays hands’ on those to be entrusted with the vision and the expansion of the prayer effort. These leaders are empowered by the trust of the larger council. Since the majority of those who are members of the PC2LN are present by the appointment of others – national groups and local congregations, the authority of the leadership team is necessarily relational. Their leadership style is servant-based.

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