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The PC²LN is the answer…

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December 1, 2011


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The PC²LN is the answer…

“I have posted watchmen on your walls; they will pray day and night…a constant watch…” (Isa. 62:6)

What would you city be like if there were constant, ceaseless prayer? If there were never a time when an intercessor was not praying? Not a business or building that did not have an intercessor’s attention? A city covered in prayer?

This can’t be the task of one congregation or denomination. It is call of the church-of-the-city, the people of God united. The one thing we can do together – is pray! We may not agree on action strategies, but perhaps we could agree that our cities desperately need prayer. The nation needs God. And nations turn as cities turn. Cities lead nations.

The purpose the Prayer-Connect Community Leadership Network is to call together leaders of existing prayer ministries, church prayer coordinators – and have them sit at the same table. Throughout the city, during the course of the year, we have diverse, and often sparsely attended prayer events. How do we strengthen these. And more importantly, how do we translate these into a seamless prayer process, a 24-7, 365 prayer effort, one event flowing into another.

The PC2LN is the answer. Learn more.

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