Monday, Jul. 6, 2020

About The Vision

The Prayer-Connect Leadership Network (PC2LN) is a grass-roots group of community prayer leaders who connect, envision, resource and mobilize prayer for a definitive geographic area (township, city, county). Currently, prayer efforts are often divided by calendar-specific prayer-events, by emphasis or by denominational streams, though not in heart or central purpose.

Denominations and national prayer organizations issue prayer challenges for special times with a specific emphasis, many of which are wonderfully resourced, but narrowing adopted in the context of that given stream. These noble efforts are embraced in pockets that are too sparsely concentrated, and mobilize too few people to have the kind of impact necessary to spark awakening in the nation.

Many local prayer leaders are advocates for one particular prayer ministry. They may lead a one-cause prayer effort or an annual prayer event. Another prayer emphasis may mobilize a wholly different sector of churches in the community. A greater level collaboration and unity is needed at the grassroots level. To accomplish this greater mobilization, a seamless community-by-community saturated prayer effort that allows for deeper cultural penetration and broader mobilization must occur.

A bottom-up movement is necessary. One that honors national prayer organizations and denominational loyalties, but for the sake of the kingdom, and in response to the present generational need of the nation, collaborates locally to blanket a community with prayer aimed at a Great Awakening. The resources clearly exist, but the relational infrastructure at the grassroots level necessary to mobilize across denominational and organizational lines and also synergize, locally, various prayer initiatives, does not now exist.

The Prayer-Connect Leadership Network (PC2LN) could be that vehicle. The idea is an effort that is initially envisioned and resourced ‘nationally’, but owned and driven ‘locally’. While synergizing vision and resources are often national, the flash-point of revival and the place of imaginative adaptation are local. Cities lead nations. The culture of the Prayer-Connect Network would be geometric, not hierarchical. The national construct would facilitate the flow of information, innovation, across community and state boundaries.

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