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Vision Casting Stage

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December 14, 2011


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Vision Casting Stage

With the Catalyst, the Convening Team senses the strategic relevance of the PC2LN to the city/county. They join their voices with the Catalyst, engaging other leaders and people of prayer.

Representatives of various prayer ministries in the identified geographic area are contacted. Vision is cast – informally. Congregations that have prayer ministry leaders are likewise envisioned. These sessions may be an informal meeting over a cup of coffee or formal vision-casting sessions complete with power-point. A systematic effort should be made to connect with all the divergent streams of the Bible-reading believers in the area so that when a formal envisioning meeting occurs, it is a constituting diversity that is genuinely representative of the community. And still, that may be the first of several envisioning meetings in different venues, with different sectors of the prayer leadership constituency.

The informal sharing escalates to formal vision-casting sessions – some in small groups, others in large groups, some in this stream and others in that stream. It will be very important to have endorsers early in the process, who echo the need for the PC2LN – among various denominational streams, ethnic streams, prayer ministry efforts, etc.

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