Thursday, Jun. 4, 2020

What Specifically Does The PC²LN Do?

It networks and collaborates. It creatively knits resources together for the benefit of the community. It mutually empowers. Using national prayer events and resources, the PC2LN commits to jointly support various prayer events. The PC2LN is a representative organization. For example, the National Day of Prayer representative would automatically serve as a member of the PC2LN by virtue of their appointment by that organization. Other national prayer ministry leaders would likewise serve on the council. Local church prayer leaders, appointed by the congregation or pastor, would by virtue of their role, find a seat at the table. Service on the council would be of course, voluntary.

Thus, the PC2LN is a network of duly appointed prayer leaders, who in the interest of the prayer cause they represent, and in behalf of the community, are drawn together voluntarily. All would continue in their role, but now in the context of collaboration with a broader community prayer network. Now, for the first time ever, the PC2LN may consider how, for example, one prayer event might be positioned to support a subsequent community-based prayer effort. The role of the Prayer Network is to mutually support each effort, to synergize and unify prayer efforts, drawing from the resources and expertise of national organizations and leaders.

Of course, not all prayer organizations are ‘event’ driven. Some are on-going and relational. Others are cause or issue driven. The Prayer Network becomes the place in which events are used to catalyze on-going relational and cause driven prayer groups, and the various prayer groups, along with collaborating congregations, become the pools from which people are drawn to support community-wide prayer events.

These events are flashpoints. The goal, in reality, is in the ability to nurture at-home, daily, to-be-like-Jesus transformational prayer, until the entire community feels the impact of the incarnational presence of Christ.

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