Thursday, Jun. 4, 2020

Who Serves on the Prayer-Connect Community Leaders Network?

The Prayer Connect Leaders Network should be constituted by representatives of recognized national, state or regional prayer initiatives (National Day of Prayer representative, Global Day of Prayer, Moms in Touch, Meet Me at the Pole, Intercessors for America, Awakening America Alliance) and by the prayer leaders of local congregations. At-large members should be considered as well, especially those with a reputation for prayer and intercession. In addition, an advisory team is recommended.
In this sense, the PC2LN is self-constituting.

Constituting Questions:
1. Do we have a significant number of the representatives of national prayer organizations active in our community at the table?
2. Do we have denomination diversity at the table?
3. Do we have geographic diversity at the table (someone from every town/community at the county level, every community/city sector at the municipal level)? Note: Some PC2LNs will form in cities, even small towns and hamlets. Others may reach across whole counties, with city/township representatives at the table. Each area determines what is best. However the conclusion should be reached by consensus and exceptions should be allowed. In cases where multiple teams form in any given geographic area, it is essential that they do not operate in a silo, in isolation. And in places where metro-teams form, exceptions should be made for those who feel it advantageous to have a specific team for their smaller geographic focus. In both cases, remember the purpose is the creation of a network, representatives from National Organizations and congregations drawn to the same table, and then lateral connections between the various networks, a collage of collaborative prayer efforts.
4. Is the PC2LN consistent with the ethnic profile of our community? Is the team diverse?
5. Do we have men and women? Young and Old? Advocates for youth and children’s prayer.
6. Do we have pastors and laypersons? Both the Ezra (pastoral) and Nehemiah (community lay leaders) streams?
7. Do we have veteran intercessors?

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